This week on TVEnthusiast’s The Weekly Set podcast, Will and Tyson discuss the penultimate episode of the firsts season of HBO’s Westworld, the season 3 finale of Netflix’s Black Mirror, and our top picks for the Winter 2016/2016 American Television Preview. Westworld is dropping theory confirmations left and right, while this week’s episode of Black Mirror, Hated in the Nation, starts off feeling like a procedural series episode, before going into darker territory.  After that, it is time to talk about the Winter 2016/2016 American Television Preview, and what shows we are excited for.  Some of our picks include The Magicians, The Expanse, Shut Eye, and Sherlock.

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Written by Tyson Gifford

Tyson Gifford

Tyson wrote for Nintendo Enthusiast before being promoted as the first Editor in Chief of TVEnthusiast. He watches more television and anime than he should have any time for.