This week, on TVEnthusiast’s The Weekly Set podcast, Will and Tyson talk about the recent Golden Globe winners, and Netflix streaming’s upcoming 10 year anniversary.  This year’s Golden Globes proved to have very little in common with our recent picks for the best shows on 2016, which highlights the sheer mass of content now available, and the growing impossibility of watching everything.  Will finds the winners for this years Globes to be dull, while Tyson appreciates some of them, though laments how many he had to pass on.  Next up on the show is Netflix.  10 years after launching their instant video streaming service as a mere perk of having an existing Netflix subscription, Netflix’s path into streaming video has proven to be quite thunderous.  Will and Tyson get into Netflix’s strategy, and they influence it has had on the entire content industry.

At the end of this week’s podcast we mentioned the Nintendo Switch podcast we recorded earlier this week.  The first episode of this podcast, The Ol’ Switcheroo, can be found here.

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Written by Tyson Gifford

Tyson Gifford

Tyson wrote for Nintendo Enthusiast before being promoted as the first Editor in Chief of TVEnthusiast. He watches more television and anime than he should have any time for.