It is Valentine’s Day!  A day for love, a day for romance, and a day for shameless commercialization.  As this Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday, it acts as an inspiration for this week’s edition of our weekly holiday here at TVEnthusiast.  As such, this week’s edition of Top 10 Tuesday is ranking the best romances on TV.

10. Roseanne and Dan – Roseanne


White trash married couple Roseanne and Dan Conner, portrayed by Roseanne Barr and John Goodman, were loud, argumentative, and lacking in creature comforts to draw happiness from.  It didn’t matter, though, because Roseanne and Dan Conner’s mutual love for each-other was apparent.  Through all of their trials and obnoxious tantrums, we believed in the love between these 2 parents.

09. Louis and Jessica – Fresh off the Boat

This relatively new TV couple might come from similar backgrounds, but they have dramatically different dispositions.  That being said, the love shared between this lovable couple is palpable.  The dichotomy of their dispositions, Louis is a dreamer, while Jessica is a realist, stand in contrast to their shared background as prospering immigrants, and makes their love story stand out.

08. Gus and Molly – Fargo

The developing relationship between Gus and Molly was a ray of light in the often dark story of big crime in a small town, that was the first season of Fargo.  Each character was introduced separately as a charming and lovable lead, both introduced as part of a non-romantic pairing.  Molly as the beloved daughter of a former Sheriff, and Gus as the loving widowed father of a precocious girl.  When they came together, shippers around the world let out squeals of joy.

07. Willow and Tara – Buffy

Willow was the subject of 2 ridiculously cute pairings during her time in Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘s “Scooby Gang”.  After initially appearing as the nerdy girl who pined for the love of her best friend Xander, Willow found a much cuter pairing with Bass Guitarist Oz.  After Oz had to leave, in order to find a safe way to deal with his werewolf curse, Willow discovered a new part of herself, as she developed a lesbian relationship with Tara, a fellow witch.  Tara was kind and gentle, up until her untimely death.  A death that sent Willow off the rails, as she became the “big bad” of that season.

06. Ned and Chuck – Pushing Daisies

1 way to ensure a pairing remains cute is to keep the pair at just enough distance to build tension.  Such is the case with Ned and Chuck in Bryan Fuller’s whimsical fairy tale, Pushing Daisies.  In the first episode of Pushing Daisies, Ned learns that his childhood love Chuck has passed away.  Thankfully, Ned has the ability to resurrect the target of his affections with a mere touch.  Unfortunately, he cannot touch her again, or she will die forever.  such is the obstacle of Pushing Daisies entire run, a relationship everybody wants, that can never be fully expressed.  Somehow, mostly attributed to Fuller’s skill as a writer, this tragic situation is turned adorable.

05. Glenn and Maggie – The Walking Dead

Despite recent tragedy, the love between Glenn and Maggie on AMC’s The Walking Dead remains the guiding light of hope for the entire show.  When nerdy Glenn hooked up with Farmer’s daughter Maggie, fans around the world rejoiced.  In a show with such a dour mood, Glenn and Maggie reminded us that love could bloom in the harshest of climates.  It is a testament to the strength of their romance, that even after the brutal murder of Glenn, the love story he shared with Maggie remains a huge part of the hopeful backbone of the show.

04. Cam and Mitch – Modern Family

Cam and Mitch, on ABC’s Modern Family, are such a strong pairing that it is hard to envision either Actor without the other at his side.  Pessimistic and witty Mitch pairs so beautifully with flamboyant and optimistic Cam, that it is impossible to consider 1 character without considering the pair.  I am hard pressed to consider Mitch or Cam as separate characters on the show, as I can only see Cam and Mitch as a singular entity.

03. Al and Peg Bundy – Married with Children

With their constant fighting, barbs, and shared looks of loathing, it could be initially assumed that Al and Peg Bundy are the worst imaginable pairing.  While the pairing of the 2 characters seems predicated on each character acting as a severe punishment to the other, it is the shared misery they bring each-other that somehow makes them perfect for each-other.  This becomes abundantly clear on any instance in which the 2 find themselves aligned against another party.

02. Desmond and Penny – LOST

ABC’s amazing series LOST (my personal favorite show of all time) has quite a number of great pairings.  I considered Sun and Jin for this list as well.  Sun and Jin worked amazingly as a troubled couple that finds themselves through shared hardship.  But it was Desmond and Penny that I chose to represent LOST on this list.  Desmond and Penny share many amazing moments, but it is the phone call, which acts as the episode climax, of The Constant that cements this pairing as the best on the series.  In fact, it is arguably the best scene of the series, or even greater, a contender for one of the best scenes in television history.

01. Andy and April – Parks and Recreation

Another series with multiple great relationships is Parks and Recreations, the quirky NBC comedy about local government and close friendships.  You cannot mention Parks and Recreation without addressing the great chemistry between Adam Scott and Amy Poehler as Ben and Leslie, but it is another pairing that takes our top spot on this week’s list.  The pairing of Andy and April was wholly unexpected, but makes so much sense that I question why I couldn’t see it coming.  Though far from practical, the relationship between Andy and April is the kind of partnership we would all dream of sharing with a significant other, as ignorant children.  It is the kind of relationship that could never work out in reality, which is why I am so happy that Parks and Recreation does not take place in reality.

As always, this list represents the opinions of TVEnthusiast, and, as such, may not reflect your own favorites. If you agree or disagree with our list, tell us in our comments, and stay tuned to TVEnthusiast for more coverage of all of your favorite shows.

Written by Tyson Gifford

Tyson Gifford

Tyson wrote for Nintendo Enthusiast before being promoted as the first Editor in Chief of TVEnthusiast. He watches more television and anime than he should have any time for.