This week, on TVEnthusiast’s The Weekly Set podcast, Will and Tyson talk about Taboo and The Magicians, per usual, but also make pitches for video game adaptations.  First things first, Will and Tyson pitch their video game adaptations.  Tyson wants Starz to make an adaptation of the Shadow Hearts series, while Will wants Netflix to go all Game of Thrones on The Legend of Zelda. Then it is time to talk about the season finale of Taboo, in which Delaney’s plan has finally come together, but he suffers some losses along the way.  Lastly, The Magicians brings us an almost self contained heist story.

The Weekly Set is TVEnthusiast’s weekly podcast. Every week, barring few exceptions, Will and Tyson gather to talk about what they have been watching, TV relevant news, and whatever else strikes their fancy.

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Written by Tyson Gifford

Tyson Gifford

Tyson wrote for Nintendo Enthusiast before being promoted as the first Editor in Chief of TVEnthusiast. He watches more television and anime than he should have any time for.