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    A few of you may know, for the past year I've been playing Pathfinder (a D&D thing for you normies). Soon enough I'll be a Dungeon Master for my own campaign. I'm pretty excited all said, although I'm probably gonna suck.

    This thread is for you guys to post some ideas. Basically, each of my friends' campaign takes place in their own county, and we have a world map set up. Of course I took the northern ice fields cause why wouldn't I?

    My area has three cities, some smaller fishing communities, mines, shrines, etc. Typical RPG stuff.

    The story involves the heroes getting hired for protection to escort some rich guy to investigate an island off the northern shore to see if there's any natural resources worth harvesting. On the way a giant Sea Serpent (the one from Earthbound, I already have him drawn so I'll use that) attacks and destroys the boat. They get fucked up and one month later they wake up/recover/whatever at an old man's house. This man is a descendant of my character in another campaign (fun fact). He gives them basic gear and weapons and asks them to recover a spell book of my character. My character in my friend's campaign is Hangar 18 (Megadeth) and this old man is named Hangar 22. The book is in a shrine to the east of the nearest city.

    They go south to the city and a lot of mine workers are pissed cause some dipshits are causing havoc on the road to the mine. They ask the heroes to sort them out to get stone and iron. Doing this quest will give the blacksmiths iron and a new weapon shop can open, stone for the architecture of the city.

    Eventually they'll come across a cult that made numerous portals to hell so demons are starting to pop up. Demons, zombies, crazy monsters, etc. I'll have dungeons with monsters and puzzles, they'll find the portal and go in, then it'll be like Silent Hill where it's a twisted version of the place they were. Some hallways are now blocked, new traps, etc. Each area ends with a boss fight. I'm think stuff from games like the Cyberdemon from Doom, maybe a Metroid boss or something.

    Aaaaanyways that's the basic setup. Perhaps no one would be interested at all, but I plan to have a number of side quests. Some will make new shops open, or open up access to another town. I'm trying to make it like Fallout where you can talk to people and it'll start it's own side story.

    So if you have any ideas let me know. Maybe I'll put you in the campaign. Hell, doesn't even have to be side quests, just anything.

    Lastly, it may be hard to tell from the summary, but my friends often play for laughs. The setups and such are good, but some of our character names are Hanger 18, 60 Second Priest, Rayleen Squirtsworth. We fought an posse of insane clowns (an insane clown posse if you will). We had a children Base-ketball team and set up a tourney. We lost the second game so I spike the other team's drink with a strength potion and demanded they take a drug test.

    When we first started out we fucked up a lot, so we killed a guy, hollowed out his corpse and stuffed him with pillows. We propped him up at his dinning room table so any passerbys would look in and see him "normally". We put some bodies in his house, and I had a thing where I would take the nipples of any creature/person I killed, so I sorted them out into the message of "I kiled these people". Basically to take any heat off us from the city guard. However, one guard caught us, so we killed him, mashed him up into the blood on the floor so he just "disappeared".

    {edit: Oops, remembered that wrong. I would take the heads of my enemies, my friend would take the nipples. I dumed the heads in the guy's house.}

    Yeah....that's the type of people we are :p So anything goes.

    In fact, I won't be surprised if after reading this ya'll won't want me around anymore
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  2. BobSilencieux

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    I'm gonna be honest; I have absolutely no idea what the heck I just read. I'm completely lost. Is it a videogame? A tabletop game..?
  3. Odo

    Odo Well-Known Member

    Is this traditional RPG?
  4. CitizenOfVerona

    CitizenOfVerona Spectacular Staff Member

    Pathfinder, D&D, Dungeons and Dragons. Table top rpg. I'm being the dungeon master
  5. Odo

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    I've never played this. :(
  6. Karkashan

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    Random quest idea -

    Your adventurers come across a village that's been beat up pretty heavily. As they make their way through, the come across liches, zombies, skeletons, various undead. Coming across a temple they find a lone book on the altar, which as soon as they spot it flashes bright, blinding them for a few seconds. They come to, only to find the village intact, the people alive, and the temple nowhere to be found. When they ask about it, the elder tells them that it was dismantled years ago after a group of crazed lunatics came into the town and slaughtered the villagers.

    Upon further investigation, they find out that they were supposedly the crazed lunatics that slaughtered everyone, but something still seems off. The living villagers start to act somewhat ... off, and out of the corner of one of the adventurers eye they can swear they see the temple again.

    Talking to the local priest reveals everything - there was never a temple, there was never a book. An otherworldly elder dragon slumbered beneath the ground, and it's chaotic nightmares drove the villagers homicidally insane (hence they attacked) and altered reality around itself (hence why they looked like undead, there was a temple that wasn't really there, that bit of time travel to the past, etc. etc.).

    Your adventures then could either team up with priest to either lock away the dreams of the dragon for several hundred years, or free it from the earth and fight it properly.

    (this was a Skyrim mod idea I had that got started but then I scrapped after my frustrations with the creation kit got worse)

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  7. CitizenOfVerona

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    I actually had an idea where they would walk into a village that was empty until night time in which all manner of undead came out and they would have to find out the source and deal with it.

    I also had another for a dungeon in which some doors would lead to an illusion of another place. So they'd be in a cave one minute, walk through a door and it would be a forest or something.

    Maybe I'll just put these two ideas together and turn it into what you're saying. I do enjoy a good time travel fuck about.

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