GTAV is the most profitable entertainment single thing ever

Discussion in 'Multi-Platform' started by Odo, Apr 9, 2018.

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    We already know that Rockstar's mega-hit crime-'em-up, Grand Theft Auto V, is the best selling game of all time, but a new report from MarketWatch reveals that it's comfortably the most profitable game ever. In fact, it's made more cash than any film, album, or other entertainment product in history.

    I've been interested in the subject of how far games can go on the mainstream spectrum. More and more games are becoming popular, it's a given, but consoles still don't sell as iPhones and there's still a lot of taboo in gaming, I guess.

    Now, it's been said that GTAV is now more profitable than any Star Wars film or any Disney film that we can imagine.

    I wonder how executives from the biggest entertainment companies in the world look at video games these days, I mean executives from Disney, from Fox, from Netflix, whatever. Ubisoft, EA and Rockstar Games might be just insects for them, but video games have been making as much money as blockbusters for years. I still feel that video games are still not "big industry" in the world, though.

    The GTAV success is just the beginning and more and more games will consistently beat other forms of entertainment leading the industry to get a seat on the big table of entertainment, or GTA ubiquitous presence is just an exception?
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    that kind of depends on what you think counts...

    for example... the nintendo wii was a self contained sytem that came with a game and sold more than 90 million units at a higher price

    and I am sure there are other examples... entertainment thing ever... would a trip to disneyland count?

    also revenue is not the same as profit... that needs to be figured in too if you are saying most profitable

    also... when they calculate star wars or gone with the wind (or titanic) are they counting box office... or are they counting everything... including vhs/dvd/bluray sales, television licensing, etc...
  3. Odo

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    I agree, it's a difficult thing to calculate. It's quite intangible.

    As entertainment I think they mean media entertainment only. I guess they're counting box office, DVD/Bluray sales, other games, consoles and other "units" of media entertainment that can be sold, like albums, mp3...

    And definitely more profitable than any Wii game.
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    PCGamer and Game Industry use the term product.

    With an estimated 90 million copies sold across all platforms—PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One and PC—GTA 5 is thought to have accrued somewhere in the vicinity of $6 billion since launch in 2013.

    (...) both Star Wars and Gone With The Wind—which are said to have made upwards of $3 billion, adjusted for inflation. (...) reckons subsequent DVD and streaming sales might add up to $1 billion onto these films' lifetime values. GTA 5, though, still sits above them.

    GTA V is the most profitable entertainment product of all time

    MarketWatch compares GTA to movies but it also says single media title. But I believe that so far movies are the most profitable entertainment product, so if GTA is more profitable than any movie in history, it might be the most profitable entertainment media product.

    ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ has brought in $6 billion, more than any other single media title in history, and continues to sell
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  6. Odo

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    “Videogames are a much better business than [movie] studios,” said KeyBanc analyst Evan Wingren in a phone interview. “Games in general have the enviable position that their content is interactive, which allows them to make data-driven insights and adjust games and business models that benefits players and the company.”

    By comparison to making films and other media, videogames are a lucrative and profitable industry, in part because the medium itself lends itself to a data-heavy approach in terms of what is and is not working to boost profits. In 2017, consumers spent $36 billion on videogames, up 15% from the year earlier, according to NPD Group data. Box office sales improved 3% globally to a record total of almost $40 billion, though domestic returns declined and prompted questions about cinema chains and film-production companies.​

    Why the biggest entertainment corporations in the world aren't making videogames or not buying the biggest players in videogame business?
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    So lets see: GTA V is more than profitable, the Switch has been a huge success, and M rated games are selling well on it.

    Hopefully, the port is nothing like LA Noire, which was half assed by a mediocre studio and sent out to die. If they're gonna port GTA V, do it in-house or give it to any number of quality porting studios like Bluepoint, Panic Button, or HexaDrive and keep in touch with fans about the port's progress through development.
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