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Discussion in 'Nintendo' started by TechnoHobbit, Sep 12, 2015.

  1. TechnoHobbit

    TechnoHobbit Ash nazg durbatulûk


    Welcome to the Super Mario Maker Super Thread! Here you can discuss the game, share tips and tricks, share levels, and comment on others levels.

    Tips and Tricks:
    • You can speed up the delivery of new items by spamming blocks in the Maker mode. Make sure you've used at least one of every item as well!
    • You can follow people by going to their page in Mario Maker and clicking the heart in the upper right hand corner.
    • To unlock the CRT mode, hold down on the d-pad and press B and A together while on the level’s loading screen (thanks CyanPrime!)

    Levels created by the TNE community:
    I'll try keeping this up to date and feature a level from time to time.

    "Flappy Squid 1.0" - Troll/Very Hard - DBF2-0000-001C-1517
    "The Run of the Yoshi" - 8C9E-0000-003A-2A89
    "Techno's SMB3 1-1 Remix" - 9DCE-0000-0048-0458

    "Spring It On!" - 492F-0000-0037-A6F6
    "You Gotta Triple Jump" - F1F7-0000-0041-0607
    "Scurry Castle" - 2AA7-0000-0044-FCBB

    "SMB3: Watch Your Step Cavern" - 2A4E-0000-0028-7052
    "NSMB: Lava Ride Castle" - 9EC9-0000-0028-7714
    "SMB: Up, Up, and Away" - 572D-0000-0028-8657
    "NSMB: Slip and Slide Cave Climb" - DF3B-0000-0032-1BE2
    "SMB: Kid Icarus Retro Homage" - 238C-0000-003F-945B
    "SMB: Mario Kart Jump Drive" - 51A8-0000-004C-3A84
    "NSMB: 9 Rooms, 9 Doors, 9 Lives" - D754-0000-0058-B5AE
    "SMB: Mario Kart Fun-Time Drive" - 2D8D-0000-0059-EB25

    paul connors:
    "Fireman (Megaman)" - BA9B-0000-001B-6283
    "BombMan (Megaman)" - 1BFB-0000-0023-9D08
    "Drybone's Domain" - B1F5-0000-002A-FC46
    "Yoshi Caverns" - A853-0000-0025-E15E
    "Clowncar Conundrum (Clowncar track)" - 93A2-0000-002C-1725
    "Fritter Valley" - 8762-0000-002C-4021
    "Chester's Big Adventure" - 7844-0000-0025-38EO

    "Doctor Bones on Spring Street" - 49A8-0000-0034-BE98

    "S-Rank Alpha" - A838-0000-001C-F950
    "Stack-Up and Down" - 8924-0000-0025-8D12
    "Floorless Lava Cruise" - 40E8-0000-0033-2194
    "Is This Cannon?" - A84E-0000-0033-542D
    "Mandatory Yoshi" - 97E6-0000-0039-0551
    "Heaven and…" - 2DE9-0000-003F-02D3
    "Buddy System" - FA55-0000-003F-FEBE
    "Chill Ride" - 6381-0000-0047-FDD3
    "Mario’s Nightmare" - 22EA-0000-0052-F1B3
    "Shipping War" - 81BE-0000-0063-762C

    "Wall-Jumpman" - 51BA-0000-003B-E5A7
    "You're a Star, Man!" - 8AA6-0000-0040-9BA5
    "Raining Blood" - 63E1-0000-0041-E4D6

    "MegaMan2 (Metal Man)" - 1DCD-0000-003F-0A1D

    "Pick a path!" - 5F23-0000-0047-16CF
    "Junior's Fortress" - 7999-0000-004C-716A

    "Don't Murder Your Own" - DF37-0000-005F-6A26
    "The Challenge Rooms" - BE5E-0000-0060-35A9

    "El Número Uno" - EA41-0000-0054-0D15

    "Over The Trump Wall" - 30C7-0000-001E-D967
    "Don't Get Lost Boo!" - 3D81-0000-0040-AA70
    "Wiggler Factory" - 7678-0000-0055-CA0B

    Have fun creating and playing levels everyone!
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  2. Mr-Chris

    Mr-Chris -Smashing!-

    Nice the thread is up. Sharing levels with codes sucks, but then you can just 'follow' a user anyway so its not too bad. I'm going to finish my level tomorrow and share it. Enjoyed my experience with the game so far for sure.
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  3. Cyan

    Cyan Well-Known Member

    Featured User

    There’s a simple code that can be used to unlock the CRT mode. On the level’s loading screen, simply hold down on the d-pad and press B and A together.
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  4. sjmartin79

    sjmartin79 White Phoenix of the Crown

    @nerdman - That was a great level! Well designed. Took skill to beat it. Happy to say I was the first to achieve a "Clear" on it, but not ashamed to admit that it took effort (and that I died more than I'd like to admit near the end).
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  5. sjmartin79

    sjmartin79 White Phoenix of the Crown

    I did three pretty basic levels earlier today while I was learning the ropes. They aren't hard, but I think they're fun. Sub zones, hidden blocks, etc.

    SMB3: Watch Your Step Cavern

    NSMB: Lava Ride Castle

    SMB: Up, Up, and Away
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  6. Juegos

    Juegos All mods go to heaven. Staff Member Moderator

    You guys are really making me want to get this game now instead of waiting.
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  7. sjmartin79

    sjmartin79 White Phoenix of the Crown

    @TechnoHobbit - I'm still trying to beat yours. Evil bastard. :mthumb: That is a hard level. I keep getting to the very last pipe with the tiny opening, but then I die. Waaah waaah
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  8. paul connors

    paul connors New Member

    BA9B 0000 001B 6283

    1BFB 0000 0023 9D08

    Drybone's Domain
    B1F5 0000 002A FC46

    Yoshi Caverns
    A853 0000 0025 E15E

    Clowncar Conundrum(Clowncar track)
    93A2 0000 002C 1725

    Fritter Valley
    8762 0000 002C 4021

    Chester's Big Adventure
    7844 0000 0025 38EO

    Let me know what you guys think! i'll try some of yours in the morning
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  9. FriedShoes

    FriedShoes MLG Staff Member Moderator

    I'm seeing a lot of copycat levels on the Course World already, or people just recreating cool levels from the pre-release build. Three Winners Dont Take Shrooms and two Bob-omb Battlefields. Listen, I expect similar elements across levels, some ideas are too cool to not use, but straight up copying block-for-block is dedication of shamefulness.

    I'm still unlocking junk. Takes forever to get Mario's trail, which is goddamn important, unlocked. I dont think I have subzones unlocked either, or maybe I'm just doing it wrong.
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  10. sjmartin79

    sjmartin79 White Phoenix of the Crown

    @FriedShoes - I ended up just doing the system clock change thing, and I was able to get everything unlocked pretty quickly.

    And yes, looking through the top 20 people creating courses (sorted by stars given) there were several that seemed to have extremely similar levels. I'd rather have zero stars and create things from my imagination than copy someone's ideas just for accolades from strangers.
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  11. sjmartin79

    sjmartin79 White Phoenix of the Crown

    There are a few things missing from the game that I hope they include later:
    1. Sand levels - including quicksand and the enemies from there
    2. The ability to create slopes to butt slide down (unless I'm missing how to do it)
    3. Proper full-on snow levels
    4. The ability to create current streams (up or down) in underwater levels
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  12. nerdman

    nerdman pig's gotta fly

    @TechnoHobbit 's Design Philosophy for Flappy Squid


    @sjmartin79 Those were some fun, chill levels. I think that difficulty is tricky to design because you can't just rely on throwing hard challenges at players to keep them engaged.

    One thing I learned playing your levels is to use more tools for cosmetic effect. It' a nice touch. I also learned you really like the running over a 1 block gap mechanic, lol.
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  13. sjmartin79

    sjmartin79 White Phoenix of the Crown

    Thank you very much! I truly appreciate that. My main goal was to build a level that was fun to play and nice to look at. Something easy enough to beat but not a cake walk.

    And yes, I do love the 1 block gap thing. Lol But I think I've done it enough now. I've got an idea for a new level that I'm going to work on this afternoon that (so far) I haven't seen anyone else do.
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  14. nerdman

    nerdman pig's gotta fly

    My approach to making levels is to make them for me, lol. Nintendo doesn't really cater to my skillset in their main games, and I don't blame them for that.

    So I am going to make really challenging levels that aren't too punishing or unfair. I know this means less star ratings, but I don't give a fuuuuccck.
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  15. sjmartin79

    sjmartin79 White Phoenix of the Crown

    Just finished my newest level!
    NSMB: Slip and Slide Cave Climb

    I wanted to do one that had a lot of the slippery ice blocks, so it involved some skill when jumping. But I added elements that made me laugh and smile too.

    (Edit: Steve2 says I may have made it too challenging, but the one area where if you screw up you're stuck, I did put in a thing to kill yourself so you could try again. Let me know your thoughts.)

    (Edit 2: wrote the code wrong but fixed it)
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  16. TechnoHobbit

    TechnoHobbit Ash nazg durbatulûk

    Good, good, my level is working :msrs: :p

    Remember that if you are near a pipe the Piranha Plants will not reappear. Keep a bit of distance between you and the pipes (that way you avoid making one of the Piranha's timing off) and when both plants start going back into the pipe immediately get in between the pipes, it will stay clear.

    Hopefully that will help a bit.

    Don't worry, my future levels will be reasonable, I just wanted to start off with a troll level :p
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  17. sjmartin79

    sjmartin79 White Phoenix of the Crown

    For me, I give stars to levels that I a) enjoy, b)entertain me, or c)challenge me.
    So, if you make more levels like you did, you'll keep getting stars from me.

    Oh, and I lied earlier. I added another 1 gap running thing to this new level. I've decided that that will be my signature and be included in all my levels. Lol
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  18. SNESMasterKI

    SNESMasterKI New Member

    My four levels so far:

    S-Rank Alpha:


    Stack-Up and Down:


    Floorless Lava Cruise:


    Is This Cannon?:


    First two are really hard, tried to make the second two more balanced.
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  19. FriedShoes

    FriedShoes MLG Staff Member Moderator

    First level complete
    Its fairly short, but a bit of a doozy.

    Doctor Bones on Spring Street

    With that done I can now rest easy that nothing else I make will ever top it and so I'll rest easy knowing the TNE fam can deliver. I'll play all your fine levels tomorrow, I'm beat.
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  20. nerdman

    nerdman pig's gotta fly

    For those who don't know, when you upload a course, it will show you where people have died. There was one death that didn't make sense to me at first.

    There were no enemies or hazards anywhere this person died. Then it hit, that person died from time out. That particular jump was too hard, and this person died after failing and failing.

    This didn't sit well with me. So I made the course a tad more forgiving. I also removed the cheap jump at the end. Plus I changed the name.

    "Spring It On!" 492F-0000-0037-A6F6
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  21. sjmartin79

    sjmartin79 White Phoenix of the Crown

    Can't wait to try it tonight!
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  22. FriedShoes

    FriedShoes MLG Staff Member Moderator

    I'll have to play the original when I can, momentum felt good in this one.
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  23. nerdman

    nerdman pig's gotta fly

    I'm the first to beat Fried's level. Techno's is still the hardest, but Fried's trolls the hardest. It has a lot of personality. Sometimes the bouncing springs glitch and bounce off each other, which forced me to restart once.

    @sjmartin79 Slip and Slide Cave is your best so far. The part with the falling platforms will get some players stuck. I wall jumped up the wall and back to get them to respawn.
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  24. TheAmazingLSB


    This thread is gone be awesome.... Makes me wish I had this....
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  25. sjmartin79

    sjmartin79 White Phoenix of the Crown

    Thank you! I was proud of that one. In the area you mentioned, I included the two spikes so players could commit suicide if they needed to (not making the jumps). Smart thinking to jump up and back to get them to respawn.
  26. Odo

    Odo Well-Known Member

    Don't make me buy this :( not now!
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  27. FriedShoes

    FriedShoes MLG Staff Member Moderator

    Flappy Squid is mean.
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  28. Juegos

    Juegos All mods go to heaven. Staff Member Moderator

    I gotta be honest, at first I felt that I regretted spending $60 on this. And though $60 is a ton, I'm having some pretty good fun with this game now. I was playing through the maps you guys made, when SJmartin's "slip and slide cave climb" gave me some ideas for my own, and I went and made my first level. I couldn't pull off the ideas I SJM's level gave me because I didn't have the tools, but it was cool making a functional level with the basic tools I had at that point..

    Also I recorded some video of my trying to get through a Super Meat Boy-like level that was pretty hard, it took me a while. By the time I started recording I had already died a bunch of times. I finally get it starting at around minute 8.

    (I realized too late I recorded it without sound, and also realized too late that I uploaded it without adding any kind of music.)
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  29. SNESMasterKI

    SNESMasterKI New Member

    Two more levels from me:

    Mandatory Yoshi:


    Heaven and…:

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  30. nerdman

    nerdman pig's gotta fly

    I always thought it was weird they put the triple jump in NSMB. It's hardly ever needed, so I made a level about it.

    "Be Nice, Jump Thrice" 52DB-0000-003F-5FE3
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  31. sjmartin79

    sjmartin79 White Phoenix of the Crown

    I hadn't created an amiibo level yet, so I did a "tip of the hat" to old school Kid Icarus with the Pit amiibo. It's not too hard at all, but fun.

    "SMB: Kid Icarus Retro Homage"

    Couldn't really do the thing in the original Kid Icarus where the screen wrapped, but I wanted to use the verticality, doors, and try to create the right atmosphere in parts.
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  32. Juegos

    Juegos All mods go to heaven. Staff Member Moderator

    I made two levels. One's typical tutorial-like stuff, the other is for the skillz.


    You're a Star, Man!
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  33. nerdman

    nerdman pig's gotta fly

    I really got to wait a few hours before uploading. I found quite a few exploits in that last level.

    I don't think everyone was getting that you have to triple jump. One thing I found is you can actually get past the first tutorial section without triple jumping. You can't get past the second part without doing a triple jump. This explained why 80% of the deaths were on part 2.

    Anyways, new code and name

    "You Gotta Triple Jump"
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  34. Juegos

    Juegos All mods go to heaven. Staff Member Moderator

    I actually made a point of beating the first section without the triple jump even though I knew I wasn't supposed to.
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  35. AnthonySMM

    AnthonySMM New Member

    I have made a MegaMan 2 level (Metal Man). Can you do it? 1DCD-0000-003F-0A1D. Good luck.
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  36. Juegos

    Juegos All mods go to heaven. Staff Member Moderator

    I made a gimmicky one. The secrets are really hard to get here.

    Raining Blood
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  37. AnthonySMM

    AnthonySMM New Member

    I will give it a go :)
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  38. NES_Dreams

    NES_Dreams Active Member

    Neither of us here have felt any real pull towards Wii/WiiU, but dammit, this game could change that. I'm intrigued.

    This is for WiiU only, yeah?

    Do any of the WiiU models run GC games?
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  39. Mr-Chris

    Mr-Chris -Smashing!-

    Wii U only.

    Can't play GC without modding your Wii U or something like that.
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  40. sjmartin79

    sjmartin79 White Phoenix of the Crown

    Was thinking of a fun way to bring the forum side to the front page of TNE.
    Each week, TNE could highlight 5 of the Super Mario Maker courses made by Forum Members and post them on the front page in an article (And the TNE facebook page). Would bring some recognition to the forums and may bring some readers from the front to try out the forums to see if it is a fit for them.
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  41. mattavelle1

    mattavelle1 ARMS is like breathing.......but more important Staff Member Moderator

    @juegosmajicos if you can get this to Slack or @EvilTw1n either one. I haven't been able to access it for almost a week. I'll redownload it tonight and see if that helps. But this is a fantastic idea I agree with. :mthumb:
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  42. nerdman

    nerdman pig's gotta fly

    @juegosmajicos Did not get to secret, was too busy trying not to die.

    @sjmartin79 Another fun, chill level. I don't have much more to say because I didn't get past the second room in the original Kid Icarus. I don't get any references, lol.
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  43. nerdman

    nerdman pig's gotta fly

    I got the fever. I made a new level.

    "Scurry Castle"

    This one was really fun for me. On one level, it's a vintage NES castle level. You watch the pattern of hazards, wait for your opportunity, and make a move.

    What is not immediately obvious is this a speed run level. It can be beaten in about 10 seconds.
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  44. Juegos

    Juegos All mods go to heaven. Staff Member Moderator

    Top tier stage, man. When I first played it I didn't remember that it was a speed run level, and just thought it was a nice collection of pleasant challenges and that you packaged each of them very nicely. But then I read again that it was a speed run level and went and did it that way, and it's fantastic.
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  45. sjmartin79

    sjmartin79 White Phoenix of the Crown

    Can't wait to try it when I get home! I'm so impressed by the levels we've all been creating. (Even the ones that drive me crazy.) From fun to challenging, TNE is knocking it out of the park!
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  46. sjmartin79

    sjmartin79 White Phoenix of the Crown

    Thank you! I appreciate that! Sooner or later, I'm going to try my hand at building a punishing/challenging level. (Doubt I can pull it off to the level you guys have done, but will give it a shot.) But right now, I've got plans for a fun level that should just give you a smile the whole time, 3 more amiibo homages, and an existential level.
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  47. sjmartin79

    sjmartin79 White Phoenix of the Crown

    Strangest thing has been happening this morning. (As background, I work in senior living at an upscale retirement community. Like a country club for rich seniors where they live, eat, and play.) So, I'm walking around talking to staff, residents, etc. And I'll be hearing conversations or taking part in them, and then some random word in the conversation will spark this moment of creativity for an entirely new level in SMM. Then I have to head back to my office to write down the idea. Happened 5 different times. 2 of them I think are really good. I'll attempt making all 5 at some point though. It's funny where and how inspiration will strike.
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  48. Mr-Chris

    Mr-Chris -Smashing!-

    5F23-0000-0047-16CF pick a path!

    454F-0000-0047-47B7 Very tough, but if you are patient you can get through it. Probably will make a similar one but not as hard soon.

    My first 2 n00b courses, so don't expect greatness.

    I'll play your levels eventually guys
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  49. SNESMasterKI

    SNESMasterKI New Member

    My next two levels:

    Buddy System:


    Chill Ride:

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  50. TechnoHobbit

    TechnoHobbit Ash nazg durbatulûk

    Really enjoying all levels shared in this thread that I've played so far, keep up the good work everyone.

    Anyway, since last time I posted in this thread I've been playing around with some random items/ideas and made two more levels (both of the more light hearted variety):
    "The Run of the Yoshi" - 8C9E-0000-003A-2A89 (I know at least a few of you have already played this one)
    "Techno's SMB3 1-1 Remix" - 9DCE-0000-0048-0458
    In SMM news, Nintendo has announced that in just under a week there are already over 1 million user created levels online. That's pretty insane.
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