We are in a golden age of television.  We are also in an age of excess.  As such, we often have to pick and choose what we watch, because we simply don’t have enough time to watch everything that is good.  Unfortunately, that means that a lot of great shows slip through the cracks.  As a fan of TV, who watches much more TV than the regular person, I am always sad to see some of the best TV shows slip so far beneath the radar that they become obscure and unknown.  In an effort to improve the standing of some of these “lost” shows, I have decided to create Spotlight, a new Feature series at TVEnthusiast.  Spotlight will be a regular article series that, with each iteration, pleads the case of a different series that has somehow slipped under the radar.

Spotlight – Nikita

Spotlight – Skins

Spotlight – The Missing

Spotlight – Booth at the End

Spotlight – Legit

Spotlight – The Last Kingdom

Spotlight – Pushing Daisies

Spotlight – Misfits

Spotlight – Sense8

Spotlight – You’re The Worst

Spotlight – The Wrong Mans

Spotlight – Spaced

Spotlight – Penny Dreadful

Spotlight – The Strain

Spotlight – Chickens

Spotlight – The Inbetweeners

Spotlight – Black Mirror

Spotlight – Awake

Spotlight – Terriers

Spotlight – The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret

Spotlight – Banshee

Spotlight – Hannibal

Spotlight – Babylon

Spotlight – Rectify

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